“Let’s face it, writing is hell.” —William Styron

I chose this quote as my “headline” today because I haven’t written in so long. I spend too much time worrying about what I should write and not enough time actually writing. Inspired by William Styron who wrote in spite of the hell of it, here I am, writing.

I have been quite busy lately running the bookstore and working at the coffee shop I am a part owner in. I have noticed that my brain seems to have holes it never did before, that authors name isn’t popping up the way it used to. Hmmm…I just saw that book, but am unable to lay my hand on it. This is a frustrating turn of events, however, today I got a glimpse of what can happen when one decides to embrace the moment.

A gentlemen in the coffee shop was trying to come up with the name of an author, he gave a great description and I thought John Williams author of “Stoner”. This was not the correct author, but led to an excellent discussion of John Williams as an author and of the book “Stoner” in particular. The customer heard the author mentioned on “The Writer’s Almanac” so we looked up the archive, which led us to the information, the author was James Salter author of the new book “All That Is”. Mystery solved! As a bonus we listened to Billy Collins read Philip Larkins poem, “Talking In Bed”.

All this thanks to the holes in my memory. If I had just come up with James Salter we would have missed out on so very much. Here’s to embracing the moment and the community of readers in all it’s glory.


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One response to ““Let’s face it, writing is hell.” —William Styron

  1. Tyson

    Sometimes its not the destination that’s important, its the journey. Every time I’ve forgotten my destination, which I assure you is quite literally everyday. I have a better time that what I sat out to do in the first place. On to writing in general, thou I haven’t been working on writing for as long as a lot of people have, I too struggle with it. I’ll sit down to write something, know what I want to write about, then once I start I continually poke holes in my own stories. Why the hell is that happening? No one would ever do that, that’s just dumb, and for some reason instead of trying to work through the one issue, my brain jumps ahead and decides, yup this is a turd, think of something else.


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